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Success is more difficult to achieve than ever in today’s turbulent, hypercompetitive world where customer demands are mounting relentlessly. However, technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, social media, mobile and wireline networks, and the Internet of Things can be strategic enablers for thriving, market-leading companies, or existential threats if competitors utilize them first.

In Digital Disciplines, Joe Weinman, the leading authority on cloud economics and business value, helps both the technical and non-technical leader— chief executive, marketing, financial, information, digital, or innovation officer—and their teams not only understand, but exploit these critical digital technologies to achieve and maintain competitive advantage, using a framework that is not only practical, but immediately applicable to virtually any firm in any industry, whether serving consumers or businesses. He argues that digital technologies do not just enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase productivity; their true value lies in creating market-leading strategies that deliver unparalleled customer value.

Digital Disciplines is richly illustrated with detailed case studies from high-tech innovators such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Uber, as well as longstanding blue chips such as Burberry, General Electric, Nike, and Procter & Gamble, and lesser known innovators such as Alvio, Fruition Sciences, and Opower.

Digital Disciplines comprehensively delineates blueprints for four generic strategies to attain competitive advantage, marketplace success, and strong financials while creating unique customer value:
  • Information excellence complements operational excellence to not only drive process and resource efficiencies and advantage, but to create seamless digital-physical experiences for customers, respond in real-time to shifting conditions, and drive additional revenue by monetizing process data.

  • Solution leadership connects smart, digital products and services to the cloud, social media, communities, and an infinitely extensible ecosystem, transforming a one-time sale into an ongoing relationship and subscription, services, and support revenues, and enabling customer experiences and transformations focused on customer outcomes.

  • Collective intimacy transcends customer intimacy, leveraging big data analytics across all customers to not just create marketing insights, but to deliver better targeted, personalized services and recommendations to each customer, ranging from upsell/cross-sell to maximizing relevance and results, such as with patient-specific therapies.

  • Accelerated innovation takes open innovation to an entirely new level, through challenges, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, idea markets and innovation networks, enabling companies to collaborate and innovate with greater agility and higher quality results, yet with the financial advantages of contest economics.
These four proven strategies expand on and update the value disciplines of operational excellence, product leadership, and customer intimacy originally defined by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema in their bestselling business classic The Discipline of Market Leaders.

Comprehensive in scope and written in accessible terms, this essential resource integrates a strategic framework, illustrative case studies, deep insights, and practical steps for any enterprise that wants to win in today’s digital era. Digital Disciplines also addresses the secrets and challenges of successful execution, including human motivation and gamification, cybersecurity and privacy, strategic alignment, and unintended consequences.

Digital Disciplines illuminates the complex array of current and emerging digital technologies that are shaping and transforming the ways companies create better customer value and attain market leadership.
Advance Praise:

"Digital Disciplines provides rich and interesting detail as to technology's potential and impact on customer strategy. Even with a pretty good grasp of the subject matter, I found the book eye-opening, especially in terms of the multitude of possibilities it covers that are worthwhile exploring, and the dangers that could befall those who do not fully appreciate the necessities of the digital era."Fred Wiersema, Customer Strategist and Chair, B2B Leadership Board, Institute for the Study of Business Markets at Penn State, coauthor of the top-selling The Discipline of Market Leaders

"Be forewarned - if you pick up this book, your digital marketplace will never be the same again. Be prepared for an avalanche of business coming your way!" Arun Pudur, Group President, Celframe & Pudur Group of Companies, named Asia's wealthiest under-40 entrepreneur

"The convergence of the digital and physical worlds has created vast new opportunities and challenges for companies big and small, in every sector of the economy. Joe Weinman's book serves as a guide for business people wanting to proactively develop the digital disciplines required to transform their organization in hyper-competitive environments."William Ruh, Vice President, GE Software

"If you want to understand what the world of technology and IT transformation looks like due to all the massive innovation in the new digital age, Joe Weinman knows better than almost anyone else where we are headed."Hossein Eslambolchi, CEO, CyberFlow Analytics, Former President and CEO of AT&T Labs, AT&T CIO, and AT&T CTO

"As an investment analyst, anything that helps drive insight and foresight into trends and opportunities is welcome. The marriage of cloud and business strategy has never been explained better." Tim Horan, Managing Director and Senior Analyst, Communication and Cloud Services, Oppenheimer & Co.

"In my three decades of consulting and research in process innovation, I've seen the sources of customer value remain fairly constant, while the bar on what is world class performance continues to be raised. Digital Disciplines provides a timely resource for the latest ways your organization can use emerging technologies to reengineer your processes and deliver more customer value."Brad Power, analyst and Harvard Business Review contributor

"Very few people understand information technology—much less know how to convey that knowledge—the way Joe Weinman does. He argues that IT is far from irrelevant or just a source of cost savings; it can mean smoother operations, better information, higher quality, better customer experiences, and greater profitability."Barb Darrow, Fortune

“When ‘cloud’ became a global buzzword that bamboozled more than it enlightened a decade ago, Joe Weinman provided not only clarity on the potential of next generation IT services platforms but he backed up his analysis with examples, analogies and applicable formulae. Now he has done it again, exposing the potential of trends and technologies such as Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) to help develop the digital economy to its full potential and bringing tried and tested business models up to date in a way that will make sense to everyone. I don’t know anyone than can bring the business and technology tribes together in such an illuminating and entertaining way as Joe.”Ray Le Maistre, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

“In Digital Disciplines, Joe Weinman expertly discusses classic management models through a lens of disruptive technology. Meticulously researched, well-argued and witty, this book will be compelling for business executives, academics and anyone who wants to understand how technology is transforming the economy and the world."Mike Dover, Co-author, Wikibrands: Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace

"This book is an excellent guide for people to understand key issues in a wide range of disciplines including the Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Mobility and Social Networking. It offers a well written, comprehensive view of the issues business people will face in a world gone digital. It behooves business leaders to understand all the issues raised in Digital Disciplines as they develop and implement strategies in today's digital world. It is a must-read for all business people who are or aspire to be in the C-suite!"V.S. "Gopi" Gopinath, Executive Vice President, XtremeData and Former President and COO, Enterprise Business, Reliance Communications
Joe Weinman is considered the leading global authority on cloud economics, and is the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing from Wiley, also available in Chinese (云经济学:企业云计算战略与布局). He is the cloud economics editor for IEEE Cloud Computing magazine and a contributor to Regulating the Cloud: Policy for Computing Infrastructure, from the MIT Press. Weinman is an experienced senior executive with a career spanning R&D, corporate strategy, product management, operations and engineering, and marketing and sales at companies such as Bell Labs, AT&T, and Hewlett-Packard. Full Bio.

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